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Heavy goods sea freight - the benefits of Hegmann Transit for you

Not only do we provide all services for your transport operation from a single source, including assembly, packaging, heavy loads facility and all handling – with our company, you can also expect the highest ecological standards.

Our heavy goods building is equipped with a two megawatt solar system on the roof. This allows us to provide easy handling of your imports and exports worldwide by sea freight, while also considering the sustainability of our sea freight and warehousing through our capacity as freight forwarder.

Heavy loads warehouse

Global sea freight, secure warehousing – in our heavy loads port.


Industrial logistics often faces problems: how can global transport be simply and seamlessly planned, especially when it contains heavy loads? We have the solution:

we take responsibility for your supply chain - from collection of the goods to the transport to the final destination; all this has been part of Hegmann Transit’s service range for many years. Our multi-modal heavy goods terminal means you have a sea freight option available to you as a global form of transport.

In our multi-modal heavy goods terminal, you have the option of storing, preparing seaships, loading your heavy goods as well as a sea freight service through our heavy loads port. This makes the services offered by Hegmann Transit’s heavy loads port unique in their scale.


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Heavy goods port

High-tech goods sea freight – our heavy goods port


Your freight’s journey begins in our heated building. We have 15,000 available for heavy loads alone – there is also an additional 35,000 of general storage.

From here, piece weights of up to 160 tonnes per heavy loads transhipment can be loaded directly onto the ship. The crane system in our heavy loads port measures 15 metres in height and allows transhipment of very heavy goods into a container ship or coaster boat.

This allows sea freight to be transported with ease. Our skilled experts and extraordinary equipment and company logistics ensure that your highly sensitive goods reach the destination port safely.


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