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Hegmann Transit has a particular passion for large and complex challenges. And we meet all the necessary requirements for successfully realising your projects. There are countless aspects to be observed when transporting large-scale, heavy loads. It includes having the right truck fleet with an appropriate combination of vehicles, highly trained drivers and, last but not least, long-standing experience and the very best knowledge of road traffic regulations.


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Important information on transporting large-scale and heavy loads


Special transport operations are projects that require exceptional approval. It could be a transformer, counterweight or any other large, heavy load: approval from the road traffic authority must be obtained in order to perform a heavy loads transport operation. Up to four weeks may pass from application to receiving the approval. As a logistics company, Hegmann Transit always has approval on hand, which means that your transport operation can be initiated quickly, legally and without undue complication.

Heavy loads transporters travel on public roads too. Due to the length, height, width and weight of the vehicles, there are certain speeds that cannot be exceeded. Special loads may also require a police escort, which may impede normal traffic flow. This means that these types of load can only be transported at certain times: from Mondays at 9 a.m. to Friday at 3 p.m. Special loads measuring 3.50 metres or more in width usually need to be transported at night.

Specialist vehicles are required to transport heavy loads. Hegmann Transit possesses an optimally equipped truck fleet. For example, we can perform heavy haulage of up to 400 tonnes with our modular vehicle. See our truck fleet for more precise information.

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Hegmann Transit can provide comprehensive heavy loads transportation

Hegmann Transit uses almost 100 years of experience in logistics and combines it with future-orientated solutions. It allows us to successfully perform specialist transport operations internationally from North Rhine-Westphalia all throughout Europe and beyond. Our staff will gladly provide additional information or put together a personalised quote.

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