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Let’s cross frontiers together. Facing challenges is part of our everyday operations as a haulage company. We need to connect continents, cross oceans and conquer the air. The success of projects always takes precedence: Hegmann Transit delivers on schedule and cost-efficiently.

Everyone knows that many roads lead to the same destination. But not every route is equally efficient or meets all the requirements for seamless transportation. How large and heavy is the transport volume? Where is it and where does it need to go? These are the factors for choosing which transport route will be used to ship your goods. By land, water, air or through a combination of all options – our haulage company creates flexible solutions.

Land-based transport


Load the cargo and hit the road. But a lot has to happen first. For our land-based transportation by truck, we use our full knowledge of supply chain management, road traffic regulations, total permitted weight and many other areas of traffic. Before taking on the order, we devise the ideal route for your transport operation. We take all eventualities into consideration: are the roads wide enough? Do we need to pass through tunnels or go over bridges? Which truck driver already has experience with the route? It all starts once planning is complete – just in time for robust logistics projects. And to ensure you know where your goods are at all times, Hegmann Transit uses modern IT solutions and GPS equipment to enable you to track the progress of your cargo.

Sea freight


We have reliable partners to help us realise impressive transport operations properly across oceans. For bulky and durable cargo, travelling by sea has always been the preferred choice in international logistics. Ever larger ships hold thousands of containers and transport them across the seas. The benefit to your company is clear: our haulage company can provide cost-effective solutions via sea freight. With Hegmann Transit, you get everything from one source.

Air freight


The air-based route remains the fastest connection between two locations. Do you have an order that needs to be sent quickly and yet reliably? The end-to-end service of the freight forwarder division in our haulage company enables us to also transport loads successfully through the skies.

By rail


In Eurasia, in particular, rail-based transport is a cost-effective alternative to air freight. Large load volumes and simple loading options make transport by train especially efficient.

Just one transport route is not always enough for a successful delivery. Individually combining trucks, boats and planes is often key to a successful project. As part of our project logistics as a haulage company, we assume responsibility for the entire implementation of your delivery.

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