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Join forces with Hegmann Transit to optimise your logistics processes and increase your own competitive edge. Global trends and an increasingly tightening global economy mean that faster and more efficient processes are needed. The challenges we and our customers face grow each day in addition to the enhanced need for sustainability. Through carefully considered packaging logistics, we can keep our fingers on the pulse together.

Reduce costs –

with the right packaging


There are many interlocking processes within logistics. It involves close interplay of warehousing, transport and packaging logistics. Each area relies on the other and has its own function for ensuring a successful transport project. Packaging logistics acts as the link between warehouse and delivery. When implemented intelligently, it ensures rapid handling of the goods, optimised warehousing and low transport costs. Only properly packaged materials can be moved easily within a warehouse and stored in a space-efficient way. The benefits of intelligent packaging can also be seen during transportation: quick loading, unloading and the highest level of safety. They are all prerequisites for optimal material flow and reduced costs.

Sustainable packaging –

for a healthy environment


The significance of eco-friendliness has increased over the last few years. Customers demand that production be as climate-neutral as possible. Companies are changing their entire processes for environmentally friendly production. And the services from Hegmann Transit are entirely aligned with the topic of sustainability, which includes recyclable packaging. With optimised material flows, low-emission technologies and environmentally friendly route planning, Hegmann Transit enables you to score highly when it comes to logistics and environmental protection. We bring your goods from the road onto the water.

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