May 2022
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With the biggest transport order in the history of Hegmann Transit, the logistics company is supporting the energy-transition and -independence in Germany.

The logistics company Hegmann Transit was nominated from there long-standing customer and partner NKT as logistics service provider for the German corridor projects SuedLink and SuedOstLink which are essential for the energy transition in Germany. In SuedOstLink this will be done together with Energieanlagen Ramonat GmbH, market leader in the field of cable laying in the high and extra high voltage sector. "The key for optimal implementation and professional handling of the corridor projects are the synergies between the two companies’” analyzes and confirms Managing Director Georg Tietz. With the orders from long-standing customer and partner NKT GmbH & Co KG, Hegmann Transit is facing the largest transport order in the company’s history and is advancing the network of HV-electricity routes in Germany for the expansion by the Federal Network Agency.

Energy transition in Germany – corridor projects are absolutely essential

The energy transition project is an enormous challenge which Hegmann Transit is taking on – NKT relies on the experience and competence of Hegmann Transit in the area of logistics, transport and storage. SuedOstLink will be one of the world's largest large-scale commercial high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line, SuedLink will be the world's longest underground HVDC power link.

Supply-chain by road and water

In order to guarantee the energy-network grid expansion of the German power lines by the Federal Network Agency it is required to perform a logistical masterpiece which - among other things – includes the transport of underground cable drums measuring a unit weight of up to 100t. In order to do so Hegmann Transit relies on a multimodal transport solution which includes a combination of modes via road and water ways. Especially, the company's own heavy-lift shipping terminal with a direct connection to the Rhine in Wesel will be the hub of the supply chain considering the entire logistics concept.

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